Emergency Assembly Points

About Emergency Assembly Points

 Emergency Assembly Points (EAPs) are located in areas with enough space for large crowds to gather in areas that are out of harm's way.

Sample Department EAP Roster (XLS 32 KB)

Downloadable EAP Maps

EAP Maps are posted at main entries of buildings across campus. If your exit does not have a map, you may download and print the appropriate map below.

 Please locate your building on one of the following EAP maps and plan to evacuate to that location when necessary.

 Click on the thumbnails below to download high-resolution 11x17 PDF maps for printing.




Guardsman Way


Human Resources

Institute Triangle

Marriott Library Plaza

Presidents Circle




University Student Apartments

Williams Building


If cannot find your building on one of these maps, and you are in a building associated with Health Sciences, please note that UUHC employees are directed to the Emergency Preparedness website via Intercomm for more information on participation.

You may also contact Phil Chaffee, University Hospital Emergency Preparedness Manager at 801-585-3134 or philip.chaffee@hsc.utah.edu if you cannot connect via Intercomm.


Emergency contacts

Fire, Police, Ambulance:
911 on mobile phone
9-911 on desk phone

Call 801-585-2677 to contact police for other than an emergency

In Case of Emergency (PDF)
Fill this out and post it in your workspace

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