Emergency Assembly Points

About Emergency Assembly Points

Emergency Assembly Points (EAPs) are located in areas with enough space for large crowds to gather in areas that are out of harm's way.

Students, Faculty and Staff on Main Campus

We are in the process of updating the Emergency Assembly Point maps for main campus. Please see this temporary map page to locate your EAP by clicking on your building. A pop-up will show your building information. Click on "Show related records". A table will pop-up at the bottom of the page with the name of your EAP (e.g. A1) in the first column of the table. Close the table and visually locate the named EAP on the map and know how to get there in an emergency.

Health Sciences / Hospital Employees

For Health Sciences, you will see the EAP icons on the map, but there will be no associated building information. UUHC employees are directed to the Emergency Preparedness website via Intercomm for more information on participation.

You may also contact Phil Chaffee, Director of Emergency Management for Hospital / Health Sciences at 801-585-3134 or philip.chaffee@hsc.utah.edu if you cannot connect via Intercomm.

Emergency contacts

Fire, Police, Ambulance:
911 on mobile phone
9-911 on desk phone

Call 801-585-2677 to contact police for other than an emergency

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