Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drop, Cover and Hold On?

If you are in an earthquake DROP to the floor, COVER your head under a table, and HOLD ON until the shaking stops. See detailed instructions and videos.

What does an earthquake sound like?

Listen to instructions and sound effects of an earthquake from

What is the ShakeOut schedule at the U?

Mark your calendar for Thursday, April 19, 2018 (see schedule details). We will have a Drop, Cover and Hold On exercise .

What should I do to be ready for the ShakeOut?

Sign up for the text messaging option in Campus Alert.

Know how to Drop, Cover, and Hold On.

Know where the Evacuation Assembly Points are.

Read "Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country"

Be Informed, Make a Plan, and Get a Kit

Questions about Emergency Preparedness at Housing and Residential Education

Please refer to the HRE website regarding emergency procedures for your residence.

What if I don't or can't participate in the ShakeOut?

We realize not everyone might be able to "play" during ShakeOut. No one will get in trouble for not participating, but we encourage you to be part of the exercise.

Where do I get more information on personal preparedness?

Be Ready Utah has great resources, as does We encourage all students, faculty and staff to have a 72-hour emergency kit at the ready in your dorm, car, office, or a locker.

What is in an Emergency Kit?

An emergency kit contains the essentials that you will need in case a disaster strikes. If you can't get home, or out of the office, your kit will have the water, food, and protection you need to help you through an emergency. Be Ready Utah offers advice on what is in a kit.


Emergency contacts

Fire, Police, Ambulance:
911 on mobile phone
9-911 on desk phone

Call 801-585-2677 to contact police for other than an emergency

Sign up for Campus Alerts